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我们关于25%的关税,将征收从法国进口的$ .25亿美元的葡萄酒那Spain and Germany as of October 18 raised some questions. We respond:

瑞克:你如何假设这会影响futuresorders that are in place?

弗吉诺博金宝博188官方士: They will be hit by the 25% levy if they arrive in the US after October 18. This could lead to the smart collector’s money either (A) diverting toward wines already in the US that are available at auction (they have the added bonus of being perhaps more ready to drink) or (B) perhaps the merchant that sold you the future is prepared to hold off on taking delivery until the tariffs are called off. This trade dispute can’t go on forever, right?!

卡罗尔:因为意大利葡萄酒没有受到关税,这将是a Prosecco New Year’s Eve
弗吉诺博金宝博188官方士: Champagne somehow dodged the tariff bullet so your choice of bubbly will be tariff-free.

Vino金宝博188官方博士:尚不清楚商店货架上的价格徒步旅行(以及12月份的餐厅葡萄酒名单)。许多商店或餐馆现在可以想象地购买,以防止自己,并且经销商仓库可能非常充分,以期待两年疯狂,也许这一关税举动。一位代表我谈到他们的经销商不期待六个月的价格徒步旅行。但是,谁知道 - 其他人可能不太定位,并且不得不越早将这些关税传递给消费者。

弗吉诺博金宝博188官方士: Sure! I never would tell you not to! There are so many great wines in the market right now plus a lot of stores offer discounts on 12+ bottles. And you know the holidays are coming…oh, and have you seen the news recently? Oh, man…might make you want to crack into your stash.

弗吉诺博金宝博188官方士: If the issue remains unresolved and the tariffs are still in place, then yes. Any 2019 wine from these three countries would be impacted–even Beaujolais Nouveau!

Leslie:关税如何影响拍卖市场?If a past vintage passes from an affected EU country will that be subject to tariff? Do auction wines now become more valuable if they are unaffected by the tariffs?
弗吉诺博金宝博188官方士:10月18日之前美国的葡萄酒不会受到关税的影响。So, yes, there’s a chance that if futures buyers like Rick divert their funds to collectible wines that are slumbering in cellars across America now, then, yes, there could be a bump in the auction market for French (and German and Spanish) wines.

好的,这就是现在的所有问题。但我确实想重现文本the directiveon French wine tariffs (and Spanish and German and UK wine):除东凯以外的葡萄酒(非碳酸),酒精含量不超过14%,装在不超过2公升的容器内

So weird that酒精含量超过14%的葡萄酒可以通过!那么所有Chateauneuf du Pape都没有受到影响?到朱丽叶的观点上面,也许我们会看到约14%的ALC玫瑰?此外,游戏对于法国葡萄酒的双层魔术!和香槟!


UPDATE: this post was edited to reflect the fact that champagne will not be affected by the tariffs. Neither will cognac or handbags so a big wine for LV to the MH.


  1. 任何人都没有回答的一个问题:增加的美元价值是多少?进口税率是25%吗?它是进口商的成本吗?它是零售商的当前价格吗?这些都与购买者非常相关,目前没有确定。

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Tariffs are paid by importers to the US Treasury.

    当他们谦虚,说10%,进口商和苏pplier may work to mitigate price increases to the consumer. But when they are as high as this, they are almost always passed on. So, ultimately, the consumer pays but the importer may see volumes decline, which may lead to a loss of jobs in America.

    Some French producers (think: Burgundy) will be able to divert their sales elsewhere in the world but many won’t so they will also be hurt.

  3. Quite a blow to the affordability of French wines for middle income Americans. Is this an attempt to boost domestic production? When will this global trade war end? The political climate is so nasty, one expects something big is about to happen.

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  5. Looks like a great time to drink Australian and NZ wines…. and not because of the alcohol levels. That visit by Scott Morrison was worth it!

  6. from what I am hearing the wine makers, importers and distributors are all working together to absorb the extra costs to keep prices steady and so as not to disrupt their market shares as this may not last forever






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