Tariffs of 100% may soon hit European wines in America. The price of some wines will double. But mostly it will mean that many of the most coveted wines will no longer be available. The comment period ends today at midnight over at the site of the United States Trade Representative. Fully 24,071 people have submitted comments.加入你的!我对形势的看法是,这是一个红色代码:经过“大,美”与中国的谈判和在北美的新协议中,给予是更可能转向欧洲。我们希望,冷静的头脑会占上风...无论如何,我做了一个饼图!它显示了一瓶欧洲葡萄酒比生产商更多的美国企业的利润。过于简单,但努力使这些关税是自己的目标点。

以下是threepiecesI wrote on tariffs for Wine & Spirits magazine last month. And here’s my letter to the USTR:

January 13, 2020

Ambassador Robert Lighthizer,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the escalation of tariffs on wine.


Wine is popular in America today. Sales of wine have risen on a per capita basis for 25 consecutive years. European wines provide many of the most expensive wines in the market. But they also account for almost a quarter of the best selling wines at Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board shops. So it affects consumers of wines from the top shelf to the bottom in all 50 states.

虽然目的是为了给欧盟带来经济痛苦ropeans in the context of the aircraft dispute, the most immediate effect would be (and has been since October) felt on American businesses. The proposed 100% tariff would effectively shut European wines out of the US market. An unintended consequence of the action would be to devastate small distributors. These same distributors who sell small production wines from Europe also sell small production wines from the US. The repeal of Prohibition set up a so-called “three-tier system” that compels domestic wineries (as well as imported wine) to use a distributor to sell their wines out of their home state. Inflicting economic damage on the distributor tier through tariffs would also limit outlets for some of the most exciting American wineries.

对于为$ 20卖的,比方说,威斯康星州密执安或在货架上,只有大约是8 $一个欧洲葡萄酒进入欧洲酒厂。因此,有一半以上进入美国企业。而当酒,比方说,俄亥俄州的一家餐厅被出售,美国业务利润更是因为本店取决于葡萄酒是供客人使用的平局以及为利润中心。

一个额外的点在internati值得考虑onal trade is that this action would be a win for China. The world’s top wines are produced in minuscule quantities where global demand far outstrips supply. So if the share reserved for the American market no longer comes to our shores, the Europeans will easily sell it elsewhere, such as China, and suffer no economic hardship whatsoever. Thus the Chinese would not only be eating our lunch, but also drinking wine intended for us.

I understand your frustration in the large civil aircraft dispute, which has been ongoing since 2004. But I encourage you to keep the action areas limited to aircraft, where the tariff rate is already lower than agricultural products. The EU may have the WTO rule in their favor and might then impose retaliatory tariffs on an assortment of US goods, including US wine.

Uncertainty as already led to a noticeable reduction in European wines in our supply chain. If tariffs are further escalated on wine—which I hope they are not—I strongly encourage you to at least set an effective date three to six months out, which would provide some stability and help mitigate economic hardship on American businesses.


One Response to “Wine tariff comment period ends today”

  1. 27,500 people submitted comments on the dispute. Yay!

    Also, 106 members of Congress signed a letter too! It was initiated by Rep. Mike Thompson whose district includes Napa Valley.




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