I’ve been leading a ton of188betios下载 during this quarantine period–a Zoom boom, if you will. We had this pair with a group recently and they really hit the ball out of the park: Pierre Peters, “Cuvée de Réserve,” Champagne and the 2019 rosé from Domaine du Bagnol in Cassis. (发现这些酒的零售

该Pierre Peters has incredible depth of flavor and is on my shortlist for best mulitvintage Champagnes. As Rodolphe Peters explained to me in my visit last year, it is entirely from the estate’s 19.98 hectares–fully half the fruit comes from the famed Les Chétillions vineyard. It has a big helping of the reserve wine, which is from a “perpetual reserve” (solera) started in 1998. Rodolphe said that he really wants this “flagship wine” to be “exceptional” because it will be most people’s first experience with their wines. Based on our Zoom call over the weekend, he just made a lot of people happy.



全球噩梦被称为冠状病毒brought enormous tragedy, uncertainty and change to the way we live. In the pre-2020 part of my life, I led lots of wine tastings, large and small, in real life. They were fun and informative! Now that we are all in a pants-optional world of Zoom, it’s no surprise that wine tastings are happening “virtually” now.

I have led a couple of dozen during the quarantine, mostly for private groups and corporations looking to reconnect. While they do have certain limitations, namely, the fact that it’s hard for most people to open more than two bottles a night, they do have advantages including being able to display maps and photos and videos more easily than in many group settings.

anthony filiberti anthillOne other huge advantage is that we can be joined by winemakers! Such is the case for a public tasting I am leading on Thursday, 5/28 at 6 PM eastern. Anthony Filiberti, winemaker at蚁丘农场在索诺玛,will join us. I ask him a few questions, then we will taste the elegant Anthill, Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir 2018 together and have a general discussion. (发现此酒如果可以的话),因此,抓住一个瓶子,或者即使你不能,join us on Zoom



Tariffs of 100% may soon hit European wines in America. The price of some wines will double. But mostly it will mean that many of the most coveted wines will no longer be available. The comment period ends today at midnight over at the site of the United States Trade Representative. Fully 24,071 people have submitted comments.加入你的!我对形势的看法是,这是一个红色代码:经过“大,美”与中国的谈判和在北美的新协议中,给予是更可能转向欧洲。我们希望,冷静的头脑会占上风...无论如何,我做了一个饼图!它显示了一瓶欧洲葡萄酒比生产商更多的美国企业的利润。过于简单,但努力使这些关税是自己的目标点。

以下是threepiecesI wrote on tariffs for Wine & Spirits magazine last month. And here’s my letter to the USTR:

January 13, 2020


I am writing to express my concern regarding the escalation of tariffs on wine.188betiosapp


Another day, another葡萄酒关税后...


我讨论了稀土酒业有限公司的布雷克默多克,克米特·林奇酒商的迪克森布鲁克和威尔逊·丹尼尔斯的罗科隆巴多的问题。他们每个人都走了不同的方法,我申请两个故事for Wine & Spirits magazine that you shouldcheck out

如果你不想在这个国家的欧洲葡萄酒价格翻番,明年,让您的意见,在听取了regulation.gov。acc的评论epted until January 13.

Ugh. How long will they last, if imposed? It’s anybody’s guess.

在项目的完整列表federal register

Bracing for 100% Champagne tariffs


虽然这将是消费者和生产者非常不好的消息,有一些令人谨慎乐观。这是,毕竟,斗志昂扬,没有真正把关税生效。该core issuehere is a “digital tax” that France has imposed on big tech companies, mostly American, doing business in France. France has threatened to retaliate if the tariffs announced yesterday (not the ones from October!–do try to keep up) are imposed so maybe it is all just a bargaining position? And there’s Trump’s relationship with LVMH founder Bernard Arnault,在得克萨斯州最近展示,which may have played a part in why champagne, handbags and cognac were not on the first round of tariffs.

But, of course, there’s also the case for pessimism: this is the self-proclaimed “tariff man” whose relationship with Macron has deteriorated. There’s a lot of uncertainty in trade these days. Importers may plan for the worst case and bring in boatloads (or planeloads) of bubbly as soon as they can to duck under the wire of a potential tariff. Sadly, if enacted, this will be fatal to the category of crémant wines, sparkling wines from France outside of Champagne. While many of them are very good wines, their main selling point is value, which the tariffs would obliterate.


A hearing is scheduled on the champagne tariffs for January 7 in Washington DC.

Wine maps are all the rage

wap188bet葡萄酒地图集地图“酒是在玻璃地理学,”休·约翰逊近日表示。他和简西斯·罗宾逊在城里推广的新版本葡萄酒的世界地图集。He said that back in 1970, the publisher was unsure if a book of wine maps would really fly. So he had to impress upon the publisher how wine and maps were a natural fit. The market shouted a reply: by 1973, the book had sold 500,000 copies. Lifetime, he said, the volume has sold more than 5 million copies.

这本书Jancis Ro时获得了新生binson became a co-author in the fifth edition. Jancis and her team do the heavy lifting now and this eighth edition has been fully revised. The tome has added new areas of coverage such as the Savoie and the Judean Hills. In all, it has 300,000 words, 230 maps, 400+ pages and weighs almost five pounds. Even with all this heft, it is admittedly not going to be the last word on any region. But, because of its breadth, it is often thefirst意为许多读者,特别是在遥远的地区。

Someone recently asked me what is theonewine book I would recommend: this is it. If you are trying to generally to learn more about wine and have a slightly more than casual interest, and are not looking for a edge-of-your-seat narrative, this is the one for you. I consult to a restaurant where I put together the wine list and work with the staff. I have this book on the shelf there. It is essential. I use it all the time to show where wines hail from. It’s useful to drill down from a country map, to a regional map and then even villages to let the staff and even some guests see where the wines come from.

该re is really a ton of interest in wine maps. Many are available on the internet, but it is fun to really pore over a map in your hands, such as this World Atlas of Wine, or hang them on the wall. Steve DeLong has been making the latter for a decade now, blending his architect’s visual sensibility with his love and knowledge of wine. He has aKickstarter的现在要去一个新产品,“世界葡萄酒地图”。wap188bet这组可折叠的地图制图融合精度良好的设计美感。他Kickstarter的活动已募集/出售$ 50,000,有四天去。

该Kincade fire is awful

该Kincade fire has already burned 54,000 acres in Sonoma County, roughly the size of the area also under vine. There have been mandated evacuations of 180,000 residents and the 3,400 first responders have it only 5% contained. Strong winds have blowing sparks and embers huge distances but the winds are moderating. The governor has declared a state of emergency. Power outages have further disrupted many lives in the Bay Area.

It is terrible. Follow Twitter#kincadefirefor the latest updates. Fortunately, for all the loss of property, no human lives have been lost. Please post in the comments about places where we can donate to help. Symbolically, buying a bottle of Sonoma wine could help show that we are thinking of them.

And then there are they Getty and Tick fires in Southern California…



For those looking to explain the oddities of the最近关于法国葡萄酒关税,a clue may have come last week in Texas.

But first, those oddities. It is not really going out on a limb to say that this administration has a haphazard, govern-by-tweet style of policymaking. So it should not be a surprise that there were some head-scratchers in the wines affected by tariffs. since not all of the $2.1 billion of wines that the US imported from France last year were included. Notably omitted from the list was the high-value category of champagne (sparkling wines were all exempted). Cognac and French spirits were not affected, another large, high-value. (And neither were French handbags or fashion–by contrast, cashmere sweaters from Scotland were hit). And wines over 14% alcohol were not affected. And those in “containers” of over two liters. And Italian wines were exempted since Italy is not a part of Airbus–yet parmigiano reggiano was hit with a 25% tariff? Hmmm…

For a possible clue for explaining some of those loopholes, we take you to Johnson County, Texas阅读更多…



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