酸葡萄– wine fraud movie now on Netflix


与其中一个董事发表讲话和seeing the trailer, I was ready to fire up the documentary when I saw it was available.

酸葡萄讲述Rudy Kurniawan的故事,被定罪(Spoiler Alert!)葡萄酒伪造者。我们在葡萄酒世界中了解到他在2000年代初到来的故事,并在土地上的一些最大的收藏家加入了自己,将数百万美元倒入拍卖中,然后逆转并销售了数十美元millions of dollars of wine wine, including many fakes passed off as the world’s top wines.

But what is particularly compelling here is a trove of video of Kurniawan in action. Not only does he actually speak as opposed to the many court drawings we have seen of him, they actually have him utter the priceless line–in jest!–“I refill and put the cork back”! This old footage alone is reason for wine enthusiasts to see it. It’s fun to see some cameos for people in the wine world. (Though I still would like to see a movie version of this story told as fiction, with actors.)

它也用作电影。我有一个非葡萄酒的朋友看看电影,他把它竖起大拇指。电影船员解放器到勃艮第,以获得一些美丽的B滚动镜头;Laurent Ponsot在他的角色中脱颖而出。

所以把它放在你的队列中,让一些爆米花用额外的处女椰子油煮熟,并弹出一些香槟 - 只是确保它不是假的。



酸葡萄, a new documentary about wine fraud, is being released on Netflix next month.

电影中心就是这样被定罪wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan. In fact, the film’s two directors, Jerry Rothwell and Reuben Atlas, met at Kurniawan’s trial in Manhattan where they had ventured separately, each with an eye to making a documentary. In a phone interview, Rothwell said they quickly decided to join forces after speaking with witnesses who had testified in the trial.

One of those was Laurent Ponsot who welcomed them and the camera crew to his Burgundy domaine. Rothwell says that the film “a bit like a detective story.” Ponsot is positioned in the film as one of the detectives, trying to solve the mystery of fake bottles and the perona of Rudy Kurniawan. Others include the investigative team of Bill Koch as well as Maureen Downey and Don Cornwell.

DRC_Fake.One of the things about the film that is apparent from the trailer (above in case you get this via email and the youtube clip doesn’t render) is that they have real clips of Kurniawan walking and talking as opposed to those courtroom drawings that made him look like an alien life form (but courtroom sketches don’t do anybody favors, just ask Tom Brady). At one point he even jokes “I refill and put the cork back”! Rothwell says much of this footage came from another documentary about wine collectors shot in 2002 but that didn’t see the light of day.


The Kurniawan story seems a perfect fit for TV or movies. The rights to a dramatic version of the story were sold in 2012.

Depardieu to star in French “Sideways”


g©rard depardieu(比利时居民和俄罗斯公民) will star in a new buddy film set on the wine route in…Beaujolais.

题为Sait-Amour之后的电影在Beaujolais叫道之后,在主题中令人兴奋地侧向,2005年奥斯卡赢家。在圣徒amour中,Depardieu扮演一位农民,通过沿着葡萄酒路线旅游 - 一个真正的葡萄酒,不仅仅是在农业展览会上看葡萄酒赛道,而且不仅仅是在农业展览会上追求和谐。扔进一个名叫迈克的年轻司机和爱情兴趣......等瞧。

如果是在法国今年3月份发布的电影,那将是有趣的,如果是在法国的3月份发布,那么对Beaujolais地区和宽阔的葡萄酒为Santa Barbara和Pinot的葡萄酒将产生大量影响。我猜不。首先,这是法语释放,法国人已经了解博亚拉的魅力。它可以延伸一些距离该地区的声誉,这对许多人来说,仍然被束缚在快速上市的Beaujolais Nouveau。其次,因为它在这里有很大的影响,它必须用英语重塑,这可能意味着将位置转移到美国。哦,但等待 - 我们已经横过了。所以,是的,我没有看到这一点,就像在美国那样提供大量的菲尔普拉斯。


Matthew McConaughey签署了亿万富翁的醋

mcconaughey.葡萄酒可能会在银色的屏幕上溅起马修麦考卓在一个主演的角色。截止日期报告那明星达拉斯买家具乐部True Detective将标准亿万富翁醋的电影适应。

我很高兴该项目正在前进。它基于它的意义Benjamin Wallace的同名名称。据据报道,史密斯将于2008年备份对该项目的权利;当我称为逃生艺术家娱乐2012年进行更新, I was told that there’s “No director. No talent. No new news.” Clearly the project has gained newfound momentum.阅读更多…

Zipz wine gets $2.5 million funding on Shark Tank



制作Zipz的演示是Andrew McMurray。McMurray在葡萄酒世界中更熟知阅读更多…

Barolo在聚光灯:Barolo Boys和Barolo&Barbaresco

“Barolo Boys”的一些主角(L到R):Elio Altare,Domenico Clerico,Chiara Boschis,Marco de Grazia。

1983年,一把电锯在巴罗洛地区的山丘上回响。在这艘巴罗洛大屠杀中没有人受到伤害:Elio Altare将一个电锯放入他家庭酿酒厂的酒窖中,并削减了大量的botti或者是大型木制的木桶经常漏,他的父亲使用过。他带来了垄权,当时在勃艮第或波尔多的那个时候更常见的木桶。他的父亲随后劝告他。

这种戏剧性的破裂在过去的页面中被捕获巴罗洛葡萄酒和胡须resco, the essential and timely new book by Kerin O’Keefe. The chainsaw-wielding is also depicted on-screen in the new Italian documentary about the region,巴罗洛男孩

The movie, screened for the first time in New York City on Monday, portrays the events of Altare and others as they ushered in a “revolution” to Barolo’s winemaking. A “war” broke out between the “modernists” and the “traditionalists.” This young Turks threw out the old casks, brought in barriques, but also started green harvesting in the vineyard, the process of dropping bunches of grapes to concentrate flavor in the remaining ones. The resulting wines were darker and denser but also flashier, fruitier with more obvious polish and immediate appeal than pure charm of nebbiolo, which is notorious for needing decades in the cellar to coax out.

如果想要更卫生地制作葡萄酒是一部大型推杆的女儿在电影中谈论农场动物和泄漏油炉如何与葡萄酒共享地窖 - 这些葡萄酒也需要推动商业出口。这部电影明确这是美国,批评者和消费者慷慨解首的赞美新风格,并为Marco de Grazia进口的葡萄酒开辟了他们的钱包。


Elio Altare在筛选后以不同的方式划分裂痕,“有两种葡萄酒:好与坏。”房间里有一个掌声。他继续,“它的个人品味。我必须在喝酒的世界中找到饮酒的人。我不为每个人制作葡萄酒:我的味道为葡萄酒!“这部电影的叙述者与Joe Bastianich相比,这种略有挑衅的音调与Joe Bastianich相比,其最后一句话是“战斗”。主任表示,他与那条线带来了一些自由,旨在为他邀请观众在电影的开放部门中进行“旅程”。

barolo_barbarescoKerin O’Keefe provides much more texture in巴罗洛葡萄酒和胡须resco。她提供更多的历史,指着Angelo Gaja在Barbaresco地区的桶中使用桶,毗邻Barolo。她提供了对现代主义者之间的有争议辩论的更细微讨论(现在,“嘲弄过时的”术语,她认为的传统主义者和比电影更多的观点和更多字符。她还指出,葡萄酒观众等媒体网点不仅赞美现代风格,而且他们浪费了一些传统主义者,包括给1989年巴洛罗从巴罗罗·吉拉洛(Bartolo Mascarello)是一个“低头和侮辱76分”,1989年Bruno Giacosa Barolo Collina Riona“一个吝啬和错位78分。”她还带来了“禁忌”的主题,无论是一段时间,现代主义葡萄酒是否通过非法融合赤霞珠而虽然她的讨论没有确凿的证据。


Barolo has gotten a lot more popular in recent years. And, with rising prices in many other fine wine regions, consumers and collectors around the world may increasingly develop a love affair with nebbiolo. So use these tools to get a lay of the land and the debates. See the movie. Read the book. Pull some corks. And start plotting an itinerary for a visit to the region.

巴罗洛葡萄酒和胡须resco: The King and Queen of Italian Wine,凯琳奥基Eefe

Barolo Boys网站

Stream it for $7.99

周四在纽约市酒店还将在下午6点在纽约州免费公开筛选。与Elio Altare和其他人进行讨论。

William Shatner’s Brown Bag

当威廉·夏特纳没有谈判您的旅行交易时,显然他一直在喝菠萝袋中的葡萄酒。害怕不为前星际跋涉船长 - 他在蝾螈中摇摆着相机(我是最后一个知道的,显然),短面试表演,包括几分钟的名人聊天,然后是棕色的葡萄酒品尝。


Shat以前品尝过Alton Brown, who developed a word cloud of a tasting note with uncanny precision on his guess, and Dominic, a “marijuana dealer,” among other guests.

It’s all good fun but it is unfortunate that at the end of each tasting, Shatner pulls out a sheet with a score (from his show sommelier) and tasting notes on it and the guests rejoice or sulk in how much they conformed or deviated with the sommelier’s thoughts. But here’s the thing: the sommelier’s tasting notes and scores are simply his opinion. Shatner should embrace his guests’ opinions too, rather than comparing them to some sacred text/score handed down from on high. As wine enthusiasts, we’ve been there, done that. But the page has turned and the diversity of opinion now reigns supreme. For Shatner’s program to connect with millennials, he might want to set up more of contrasting views, rather than a right and wrong about what are simply opinions.


Rudy, the documentary

我喜欢一个好纪录片。我只是看到了“Blackfish,” about the treatment of killer whales at Sea World and thought it was effective in taking an issue that I hadn’t really thought about, making me interested in it, and giving me some basis for forming an opinion about the issue (free the whales!). “The Cove” was similar in presenting the capture and brutal killing of dolphins in Japan; that documentary was gorgeously shot had a dramatic tension as the camera crew inserted themselves into the narrative. In that vein, Morgan Spurlock’s stunt of eating McDonald’s for 30 days in “Super Size Me” was a good way of getting at the broader issue of the health and fast food. More recently, my kids and I enjoyed the “The Short Game,” a Netflix original about competitive golfing among seven and eight year olds. Again, we don’t even golf but it had good arc and did raise the issue of how much is too much competition for such young kids as well as what it takes to succeed at an early age.

catch_me_if_you_canThis is all a long-winded background to the fact thatDecanter reports题为“酸葡萄”的纪录片是关于鲁迪克朗湾葡萄酒假冒故事的作品。他们说,这部电影是由英国团队制定的,以劳伦特派遣的充分合作,并将在今年年底完成。

虽然我期待着看到纪录片,但我不确定纪录片是材料的最佳处理。Rudy Saga很棒,它绝对有能力吸引休闲观众的利益并不真正融入葡萄酒。但对我来说,它是一个角色驱动的故事,与弘子,多包,丑陋等更大的主题说话。换句话说,莎士比亚的东西超过了政策问题,例如海豚狩猎,奥斯卡滥用或营养离开了轨道。So I hope that this documentary treatment doesn’t crowd out what I see as the huge possibility of a fictionalized movie version, in the vein of “Catch Me If You Can,” which was based on a true story of check forgery and grossed almost $200 million. However, I’m not exactly sure who is working on such a treatment of the story so I guess we as wine enthusiasts will take what we can get in terms of further exposure to the story and the wine world.

因为有一个关于葡萄酒的大块电影可能只是鲁迪传奇的最佳方式,假设它一般都让更多的人变成了葡萄酒,而不仅仅进入'45 DRC RC。看看有一些人的地方!



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