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How about some wine classes to shake off the winter blues (wait, what winter? It’s 70 degrees!)?

我一直在做一系列葡萄酒课程坎农戴尔学校, a new American restaurant in Wilton, CT. Chef/owner Tim LaBant–friend of the blog–has been running some cooking classes and I’ve been doing some wine classes on select Tuesdays. Two of my classes are in the bag but two more are coming up in the next two weeks. On 2/28, we’ve got Pinot Envy in which we will taste and talk through seven pinot noirs. And on 3/7, we will Drink Like a Hipster with tasting and discussing seven natural wines. It will be fun!

需要预订。时间是7:00 - 8:30。门票是75美元。请发送电子邮件至francesca f2f@schoolhouseAtcannondale.com预订。

下一个纽约葡萄酒课程 - 从10月14日开始


但有一个wine class! 是的,一个真实的,现场的,面对面的,葡萄酒课程!我的下一个纽约葡萄酒课程从10月14日开始,连续六个星期三晚上。它向所有人开放,你不必担心失败,因为没有分数!唯一的作业就是品尝葡萄酒,我们在课堂上也会这样做。

Now in its tenth year (but always oh-so-fresh!), the course provides an overview of how to taste wine, the basics of wine in France and America, as well as touching on the hot-button issues of our day. The two hours will fly by each evening and by the end you will have so much wine knowledge that you could fill up one of the huge在巴罗洛!希望能见到你!

Click to register and see the course details.

Back to school with my new NYU wine class

Wine_barrels.This fall, all you grown ups can go back to school thanks to myNYU wine class.


从10月15日至11月19日开始六个每周一次会议。在课堂上看到网站读者总是有趣 - 希望能在那里见到你!




在类运行连续六个星期三,we explore the fundamentals of tasting, lap up history and geography, and delve into hot-button issues of the day. Join us–it will be fun! Starts next week.

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nyu_class报名参加秋季葡萄酒课程at NYU is open. It starts on 10/16 and runs six consecutive Wednesdays.


在课堂上遇到网站读者总是很棒的-so check it out!!

Wine class — for credit

new_school_logoUC San Diego和San Diego State都宣布本周,他们正在为Craft Beer Classes-for Credit提供,而不是在宿舍。很多信任,press release实际上有啤酒乒乓球。然后它指出了3 000万美元的艺术啤酒行业的商业机会。

On a related note, I’m thrilled to be teaching my first-ever wine class for credit later next month. I know, what if a student gets an F in “Fundamentals of Wine” on their transcript?

The class is offered at the New School in the Continuing Education school. Starting on a Wednesday evening, we will have a three-hour lecture/seminar about some of the macro-historical, economic, political and critical aspects of wine. Then on Thursday, we will head to wineries in Long Island to kick the dirt, talk with winemakers, and sample wines. The next three days will offer tastings at the International Culinary Center. On Sunday evening, we will conclude by meeting in a wine shop to discuss the business of wine and retail.

I haven’t finalized the syllabus yet but each part will count toward the final grade and there will be a final essay/writing project.


Fundamentals of Wine NFDS2830
A 5个会话。结婚。穿过太阳,下午6:00-9:00,beg。6月26日。

The Institute of Masters of Wine slowly opens up

How does soil influence wine quality? How does changing a trellising system affect vineyard health and yields? Following malolactic fermentation, what options are available to reduce alcohol levels in finished wine and how should they be deployed? Critically examine the extent to which the increasing emphasis on “natural wine” is a positive development for consumers.


The Institute has posted the entire exam totheir websiteand it is well worth checking out. Since there are no instructions, students had to respond to one question in each section A and two questions from each section B of the “theory” section. In the “practical” section, students must score 195 (out of a possible 300) to pass. It amounts to a really huge volume of wine knowledge that takes years to compile–students aren’t allowed to sit the exams until after two years of study. Richard Hemming, who took the exams this year, wrote on JancisRobinson.com that he has spent almost $10,000 this year in tuition, exam fees, and wine to prepare. He also spent 28 “working days” preparing since last September. Since it’s rare to sail through on the first try, each student has three tries to pass the exams, given annually.

A couple of months ago, the Institute of Masters of Wine took the bold step of investigating one of its members for violations of its code of conduct;the member resigned. Posting this year’s full exam adds to the transparency and relevancy of the Institute. Now, what’s left for the Institute to achieve its own Perestroika is to make available not only the titles of the 10,000-word research papers that candidates must pass to become MWs (called “dissertations”), but also the papers themselves.

In higher education in the United States, Ph.D. dissertations are archived and accessible via UMI and any student’s master’s thesis is likely found in their university’s library. Certainly much research in the US relies on government funding in some way, whether a grant or at a state university, so there’s a fiscal basis for the openness. But most importantly, it’s about sharing ideas and findings to advance our collective knowledge. While the Institute of Masters of Wine is a private institution, their students draw on the industry’s time and resources while doing their research. We all benefit from the fruits of the vine; making the successful candidates’ essays publicly available would be the best way to share the fruits of their research with both consumers the trade. Indeed, in this era of information openness and wikileaks, it’s hard to see it any other way.

Ten reasons to take the holiday wine class next week!

假日葡萄酒Theholiday wine class现在只有一个星期了!抓住剩下的一个座位,加入我们12/10在纽约品尝七个伟大的葡萄酒赠送和饮用!以下是吸引你报名的十个理由:



* Tareq and Michaele Salahi will crash the event.

* Find some excellent wines to give as gifts to your friends and co-workers.

* Get a gilt-edged, collectors’ edition of Dr. Vino’s holiday wine survival guide!




* Find out which wine is the perfect match for roaring fires and chestnuts!



Buy tickets in advance here
Thursday, Dec 10, 6:30 – 8:00 PM, on E. 29th Street







@drvino on Twitter



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