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How much is too much for wine labels?



If you were the all-powerful regulator of wine, what would be your litmus test for allowable art on wine labels?




Jolie-Laide是Scott Schultz的微葡萄酒标签吸引了超级关注for what’s in the bottles: Trousseau Gris, Pinot Gris, and Syrah, all from single-vineyards in California. But with the current vintage, the outside of the bottles have also been turning heads since the labels depict nude line drawings.

Schultz says he varies the labels of the Jolie-Laide (translated as “pretty-ugly”) wines every year. Last year, a calligrapher designed the labels. This year, it is tattoo artist Kapten Hanna who sketched the art for the 280-case production.

John Trinidadposted上面的图片与评论进行了评论,“这个葡萄酒标签是hawt!葡萄酒也很华丽。“


显然,TTB认为标签也是HAWT,但不是太鹰来处理。Pinot Gris(上面左)和Syrah(未图片)在第一个转变中通过但Trouseau Gris在7月15日获得绿灯之前需要第二次评论。有趣的是,小葡萄酒可以向TTB申请“豁免证明书批准“并仅销售其葡萄酒,绕过绕行,绕过联邦批准。但随着TTB的批准印章,这些葡萄酒现在可以在纽约市等市场销售,Shultz说葡萄酒已经有了一些粉丝。

您认为什么 - 如果您是管理员,您会给这些标签竖起大拇指吗?或者,作为消费者,它会引起你对葡萄酒的兴趣吗?


Moscato–or mosc-HOT-oh–is barely wine. In fact, the one above has a nutritional analysis as foods do–the first time I’ve seen that on wine. According to a representative at the importer, Boisset America, because this wine is less than 7% alcohol, it falls under FDA regulation rather than the TTB and thus had to place the “nutrition facts” on the back label.

This type of labeling may become the norm for all wines. What do you think? Have your say in the latest poll. And thanks to the young man about town,@corkhoarder,for supplying the picture.

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Bonny Doon.’s labels bare all

Are you for Champagne disgorgement dates? We are!


Over the weekend, Jancis Robinson tasted two Krug Grande Cuvée wines and commented on Twitter how different they were. Antonio Galloni of Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate replied to her that the WA has not reviewed Champagne without a disgorgement date since 2009. (See exchange below.) Jon Bonné of the San Francisco Chronicle wondered how many writers it might take to adopt the same policy to force the producers’ hand in the region. It’s a stick approach.

Here’s a carrot for the producers: disgorgement dates will engage the most interested consumers. These are the ones that should be of particular interest to producers since they would look up further information on the producer web site and alert their world to their experience (good or bad) via social media.

Disagermement日期很重要。跳跃后,检查香槟作家Peter Liem,谁是亲拆查标签,给出他的原因为什么重要。我赞成香槟制片人在(背部)标签上放置某种清晰可辨的拆除日期的拆除形式。如果你也是,点击评论!阅读更多…


Calera’sback label passes the usefulness test!

施密聪的故事,俗气形容词,提到“handcrafted“: 没有任何。


What with Ridge Vineyards,Bonny Doon.然后,Calera在他们的标签上把很多信息放在他们的标签上,在圣克鲁斯和加里曼山脉的空气中必须有一些东西。

G Spot,Titanic,Verdehlgold - Pypny法语标签!

通常,法式标签闷热。但是,在善良的时候vin de table葡萄酒,双关语和单词比比皆是。考虑这些来自卢瓦尔河:

This is a tasty yet tannic (thanks six-month maceration!) gamay from Emile Heredia of Domaine de Montrieux in the Coteaux du Vendômois. It’s labeled simply “G.” With a spot over it. He told me, “The anglais say it doesn’t exist–but they haven’t looked for it!”阅读更多…

葡萄酒,酒精和税 - 在葡萄酒和烈酒杂志中

How often is the alcohol level stated on the label consistent with what is actually in the bottle?

Wines are allowed a certain fudge factor between what appears on the label and what is actually in the bottle. For wines under 14%, the wine can fluctuate by 1.5 percentage points, which explains why so many wines have traditionally been labeled 12.5% since that gave the maximum flexibility. Above 14%, the producer must pay a higher tax ($1.57 per gallon as opposed to $1.07 for the lower level) and the allowable wiggle room shrinks to one percentage point deviation from what’s stated on the label.

我很奇怪消费者如何获得他们认为他们所在的东西。为了获得一些想法,我监督了从办公室的80葡萄酒的随机抽样分析Wine & Spirits杂志,半外国和半国内葡萄酒。虽然我们将调查结果视为轶事,但有趣的是要注意我们采样的一半葡萄酒几乎可以在规定的水平上发现,偏离所规定的水平只有0.3个百分点。然而,测试的葡萄酒的全部百分之一是在错误的税收托架中,也就是说,他们正在转向消费者的错误并降低财政收入。


The TTB is in the first year of a market compliance study, examining wines randomly sampled from the retail shelves around the country. The results of this study will be available next year. The TTB currently has 14 investigators nationally involved in enforcement and inspection; There are over 6,500 wineries now in the United States.

Be sure to check out the current issue ofWine & Spirits为了我的完整故事。这个问题完全致力于“酗酒周围的嗡嗡声”,并有David Schildknecht的文章,Jamie Goode,Fiona Morrison等。


在法院之前:Cristal($ 299)击败Cristalino($ 5.99)

Last week, a judge ruled in favor of Cristal champagne over the cava Cristalino. And it wasn’t a taste test.

这两种葡萄酒的制造商在过去的四年里一直在法庭上争吵。在最新一轮,据,美国地区法官Joan Ericksen从“使用类似于Cristalino名称的任何标记,单词或名称,可能会导致鸡舍的克里斯特群岛的混乱,错误或欺骗,从”使用类似的任何标记,单词或类似的名称。“她还命令他们更改品牌的名称,丢失颜色,并更改标签上的字体。

It would be interesting to hear the legal arguments for both sides. But on the face of it, do you think the makers of the $5.99 cava had constructed their product to free ride on the association with the $300 Cristal?

J. GarcÃa Carrión, the maker of Cristalino, produces and markets fruit juices and wines in Spain.香槟酒Louis Roedererhas several wine properties outside of Champagne including Domaine Ott in Provence, Chateau Pichon-Lalande in Bordeaux, and Roederer Estate in California.





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