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Michel Rolland rants about the post-Parker world

Michel Rolland,顾问葡萄酒制造商在POMEROL中,真的喜欢2015年波尔多复古,目前正在被证明en primeur在波尔多。什么时候记者asked himif the vintage was an antidote to “Bordeaux bashing” it set him off. Here is his rant (my translation):

“There’s no antidote for stupidity. And it’s reaching monumental proportions. For me, 2015 is a superlative vintage. There are too many assholes to even see it. They realize it 10 years later, as usual. We’re in a world without balls, we live without balls. Full stop. There isn’t a journalist who would notice. Anyway, there isn’t a wine writer with enough weight in the world today. Wine writers are totally indifferent. This has nothing to do with the market. They talk, write and think as they wish [today] and nobody will give a flying fig in 2040! When they know that, they will start to become humble. Not become intelligent, mind you, because that would be difficult, but reasonably different.”

In related news, Robert Parker stopped reviewing Bordeaux futures last year.

Riedel shatters the peace and threatens blogger


riedel_shatterDo you really think that is something that Georg Riedel, the Austrian who pioneered matching the shape of glassware with different grape varieties would say? Um, I don’t. The quote was from a讽刺的作品由Ron Washam,AKAHosemaster.发表于本周早些时候。你的里程可能因这件而变化,但显然RIEDEL对此没有太蠢了,而且他的心情比水晶玻璃更快地破坏了。Hextware的歌利亚,然后指导了一些美国律师向博主发送威胁的抛弃信!(read the letter

我不是律师。但我猜RIEDEL必须证明这张贴于8月3日的帖子损坏了他的业务?祝你好运。坦率地说,我认为这封信实际上会更加关注原始帖子。此外,它可以从葡萄酒思想领导者那里吸取恶意,是他们作家或侍酒剂或零售商。甚至是未经未洗的公众,借用Hosemaster的术语,如果这遍兴趣。如果有反对Riedel - 不是讽刺的推动怎么办,但在Georg的沉重反应?这不是一个难以置信的情景,并且是公司的灾难,比原来的帖子更多,这可能只有乔治真的很认真。(它让我想起那些被洋葱故事所欺骗的人......)

What do you think: considering this incident, will you be ordering more Riedel glasses any time soon?


Tasting note: “bitter clown tears”


This tasting note is no doubt better than the wine!

But, oddly, I bet it actually helped sales of the wine (assuming people read it). It wouldn’t surprise me if there were a store out there somewhere that posted only mockeries or send-ups of tasting notes. Would resonate well with the youngs. If anyone lacks creativity but wants to get started, there’s always thesilly tasting note generator



罗伯特帕克(不是托尼)与姚明站在姚明(Image removed–see update below)

Robert Parker’s “World Tour” of Asia continues. And while it may be hedonistic fruit bombs poured from the进口商“合作伙伴”白天,帕克在深夜下降了聊天室炸弹。证据#1,关于题为“意外的纳帕山谷葡萄酒”的小组呈现的葡萄酒埃里克阿里摩夫(NYT)和Jon Bonne(SF Chronicle)的评论:Read more…




That was one of the many provocative things that Robert Parker said before–get this–a room of wine writers (which prompted some在推特上砍柴关于新职业路径)。当然,写作和酒journalism more generally have changed since Parker was at his peak. But the après-Parker era will not be one of silence; indeed, diversity of opinion is now the norm.

无论如何,Richard Jennings参加了谈话和他posted key passagesfrom Parker’s talk as well as the above picture. Here are some of the winning quotes:Read more…


Wine_twitter.随着Twitter IPO在本周的新闻中,以及新的在线图形和更好的讨论线程,您可能想知道:谁是一些伟大的葡萄酒人在Twitter上关注?

Well, I have just what you need over onfoodandwine.com。我汇总了16个葡萄酒人的名单(“穷人”)值得在Twitter上关注。显然,还有更多,但这是一个很好的开始。




Riding the hashtag — in wine

twitter_wine周日的Gary Vaynerchuk是一个很好的故事NYT业务部分。Gary left Wine Library and WLTV couple of years ago to start a firm providing social media marketing and–surprise!–he’s bringing his trademark thunder to his new field. Vaynermedia now employs 290 people and has a list of top companies as clients. Congratulations to Gary–it seems he is well on his way to his dream of owning the NY Jets.

We haven’t checked in here withwine and social media有一段时间,所以值得讨论。酿酒厂似乎在社交媒体上最疯狂。虽然葡萄酒厂和消费者之间的一些互动似乎可能和自然,但更多似乎被迫。如果我最近的葡萄酒推文,我真的想要酿酒厂给了我虚拟的高凤吗?不,这看起来像拖钓。同样,如果酿酒厂只是转发每次推发提及他们的葡萄酒,为什么消费者应该跟随他们?葡萄酒厂面临着关键问题,虽然消费者可能是一般的葡萄酒,但消费者可能真的没有忠于一个葡萄酒/酒庄,特别是在社交媒体上。更常见的是,它是葡萄酒厂背后的人(如Jeremy Seyses或Randall Grahm),他们拥有比官方的酿酒厂账户更好的推文,这通常看起来很公平,并且牵引力很少。

Wine shop staff can use social media to great effect, as Wine Library TV illustrated. But if all they offer is a stream of tweets or updates relating to prices it can get dull, even if they have a deal of the day, which you will rarely see from a winery. And shops have the ability in many states to hold events in-store, which can mean free tastings. Or shops can offer links to stories about wines they stock or otherwise engage in intelligent conversation. Wine bars and restaurants also seem better suited to the medium than wineries as sommeliers such as Patrick Cappiello or Michael Madrigale have shown.

正如NYT文章所指出的那样,社交媒体广告可以是自我挫败的:如果模型证明是成功的,它将被模仿AD Nauseam,这最终会惹恼地狱,从而从各方离开平台的地狱。

What do you think: is a blend of social media and the wine biz impossible or essential? Who does it best on the whole, wineries, wine shops, or wine bars/restaurants?


kermit_lynch.昨天有一个采访进口商Kermit LynchNYT杂志。只需查看普罗旺斯的甲板的视图是值得的 - 很容易理解嫁接在职业生涯中会让你尽可能回复!


I’ve read so many times that Parker’s great secret or invention or whatever — his route to fame and power — was that 100-point scoring system. I always thought it was his writing. He’s great at expressing his enthusiasm. You want to feel that way yourself: I want to get all excited!






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